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Born N' Raised in Frisco is an ongoing writing and poetry herstory/history project of the Al Robles Living Library @ POOR Magazine for folks Born and/or Raised in the indigenous Ohlone Territory of Turtle Island named after the missionary who helped to colonize it- Saint Francis de Assisi.

The project included three 6 week creative writing/story-telling/talk-story workshops which facilitated the stories, poetry and art of youth, adults and elders from eight different neighborhoods who have lived in, are currently houseless in, are displaced from or still reside in the city of San Francisco. The narratives in this power-FUL book focus on the impact/violence of gentrification and displacement as well as the resistance of peoples who have been removed or are at threat of removal due to capitalism/greed, rampant redevelopment and ongoing real estate speculation

All of the artwork are original illustrations by Asian Robles.

Born N' Raised in Frisco

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