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  1. A Poor & Indigenous–people led solution to homelessness
  2. A sweat equity, permanent co-housing, education, arts, micro-business and social change project for landless/houseless and formerly houseless families and individuals


How do poor, houseless, Indigenous, evicted, disabled, false-border-terrorized peoples from all four corners of Mama Earth, now residing on stolen and occupied Turtle Island, who have been displaced, evicted, incarcerated, swept, criminalized and traumatized actually “buy” land and build permanent homes, food justice, art and healing comeUnity for themselves and the world?

Through layers of what we call Poverty Scholarship in Practice, it can be done.

This book is the journey and the how-to of the powerFULL poverty skolaz and ancestors of POOR Magazine spiritually and legally unselling Mama Earth and building the vision that is Homefulness. This books takes you through the unfolding in real time, with all the hard parts, gray areas, and UnClarity that MamaFestation means in a stolen land of lies.


(EBOOK) The Homefulness Handbook

  • If you can't afford the cover price, please email to request a free/sliding scale copy.

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