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Illustrations by: Amir Hughes Cornish

Hey Fellow LoveLife Culture, LoveOlutionary’s and LoveOloper’s join me and my brothers on my stranger danger quest. It’s an Anti-Bullying Campaign to keep us kids SAFE. IshyME wants to help you HAVE a voice …. Always remember the 3B’s … And they are …. #1 Be Aware …… #2 Be Loud …….. #3 Be Courageous - Like me lshy-Me-. I am your friend and child advocate TOGETHER WE can CHANGE the HEARTS OF EVIL DOING ADULTS ….


NOTE: This book wil be available to order as of February 10th ( pre-rders accepted now - delivery after Feb 10th)

Ishy-Me Stranger Danger Saga

    • $5.00 Nationally
    • $10.00 Internationally
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