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Believe it or not, a natural disaster can be a justification for genocide.


African-Italian performance poet based in Oakland, California.

Active on the creative writing & Spoken Word tip since the early 1990s. Work appeared in print and in cyberspace, from Haight-Ashbury Literary Journal to the newspaper San Francisco Bay View to the anthology Poets 11: 2014. His first 2 books Boneyard and Unwritten Law are available from POOR Press.


In his 3rd POOR Press volume of poetry STORMWATER, performance poet Dee Allen reveals many forms of the ugliest expression of hostility humans can show towards each other: Genocide.

From a dictatorship's savage holocaust in Syria to the street and media lynchings of young Mario Woods in San Francisco to a flooded, besieged New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, Allen's verses will place you at the centre of action like a first-hand witness.


-- Dee Allen


Storm Water

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